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Nithi    Murugesu    &    Associates    are    a    team    of    experienced    Attorneys-at-Law    and    Patent    & Trademark   Agents   who   specialize   in   all   areas   of   civil   and   commercial   law.   Drawing   inspiration from    the    60    years    of    successful    practice    provided    by    the    late    Velupillai    Murugesu,    who commenced   the   law   firm   MURUGESU   in   1962,   we   strive   to   achieve   the   continuation   of   this lineage and seek to provide dedicated sincere and personalised services to our clients. Nithi   Murugesu   &   Associates   provide   legal   services   for   individuals   and   corporations   across   a spectrum   of   legal   offerings,   including   civil   litigation,   recovery   claims,   admiralty   law   &   shipping, company   law,   intellectual   property,   arbitration,   foreign   investment,   real   estate   &   conveyancing, construction   law   and   sports   law.   We   also   offer   support   with   testamentary   actions   /   probate actions,   including   re-sealing   of   foreign   probates.   Our   company   secretarial   practice,   including the   incorporation   of   companies   and   BOI-related   matters,   is   handled   by   our   associate,   M   &   A Company Secretaries (Pvt.) Limited .   Nithi   Murugesu   &   Associates   is   headed   by   Nithi   Murugesu.   He   has   38   years   experience   in   the legal   field.   A   further   11   qualified   and   experienced   Attorneys   at   Law   and   Trademark   Agents   are associated   in   the   firm.   The   legal   team   is   supported   by   a   further   34   support   staff   who   are   highly skilled, experienced and motivated.   The   firm   services   the   critical   business   and   legal   needs   of   clients   on   both   a   local   and   global   level. Breadth   of   practice,   knowledge   and   ambition,   coupled   with   sincerity,   are   the   key   factors   that satisfy   our   customers   and   ensure   that   we   develop   a   positive   and   constructive   relationship   with all   our   clients.   We   are   confident   that   our   working   relationship   with   law   firms   in   Sri   Lanka   and around   the   world   will   help   us   to   offer   a   reliable   and   effective   legal   service.   As   testament   to   Mr Nithi   Murugesu's   professional   reputation,   all   clients   hitherto   advised   by   him   have   accompanied his   move   to   this   new   firm.   Our   reputation   and   the   high   quality   of   the   legal   services   we   provide will   ensure   that   we   continue   to   inspire   and   extend   the   60   years   of   inspiration   provided   to   clients thus far.
Specializations   Civil  Commercial Law including Civil litigation Recovery Claims Admiralty Law & Shipping Company Law Intellectual Property Arbitration Foreign Investment Real Estate & Conveyancing Construction Law Sports Law  Testamentary & Probate
M & A Company Secretaries (Pvt) Limited   Associate firm handling company secretarial practices. The Firm has a very large portfolio of clients who are leading business establishments and public quoted companies in Sri Lanka.
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